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1801 1801 Century Park E Suite 850, Los Angeles, Los Angeles 90067, California, United States

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Melmed Law Group exclusively represent individuals needing legal advice and litigation representation involving labor and employment law.

Melmed Law Group exclusively represent individuals needing legal advice and litigation representation involving labor and employment law.

Our employment lawyers cover all employment claims including Class Action and PAGA Claims, Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination, Unpaid Overtime Wages, Discrimination, Employer Retaliation, Whistleblower Claims, Rest and Meal Break Claims, and Stock Option Litigation.

We represent individuals from diverse backgrounds – from corporate executives at fortune 500 companies to hourly laborers and migrant workers. We have litigated against the largest companies in the world as well as smaller companies and even individuals. If you are a victim of workplace abuse, we can help.

We have the experience to help you.
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1801 1801 Century Park E Suite 850, Los Angeles, Los Angeles 90067, California, United States
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