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58 Via Pavia, Bressana 27042, Lombardia, Provincia di Pavia, Italy

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Operare nel settore dello smaltimento e del riciclaggio dei rifiuti non è soltanto una fortunata scelta imprenditoriale, ma è piuttosto una decisione conscia dell’importanza che l’ambiente ha sulla vita di tutti.

Una storia che inizia nella prima metà del novecento, un’azienda con lo sguardo rivolto verso il futuro, uno staff motivato da valori solidi. VERDE s.r.l. nasce a Borgo Ticino a Pavia nel 1939 per volontà di Ettore Mascherpa che, con lungimiranza imprenditoriale non comune, riconosce il valore economico degli stracci e della carta destinati al macero. In una cultura del progresso crescente dove ogni cosa sembrava poter essere consumata voracemente e sostituita, Mascherpa punta per primo sul recupero dei prodotti. Dopo anni di attività, l’azienda passa ai figli Teresa e Mario che continuano l’opera del padre e ne consolidano la leadership nella provincia di Pavia. Nel 2000, VERDE s.r.l. trova casa nel comune di Bressana Bottarone per esigenze logistiche. Il successo dell’azienda prosegue sui binari dai quali era partita, puntando sullo smaltimento e il recupero dei materiali.

Al vostro servizio dal 1939. La nostra azienda è fiera di raggiungere il traguardo di 80 anni di lavoro, sempre al vostro fianco per un futuro pulito.

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Female 53.9% 50.5% Painting Depicting the Death of Issac Brock During the War of 1812 with the United States Upper Canada was the chief target of the Americans since it was weakly defended and populated largely by American immigrants However division in the United States over the war a lackluster American militia the incompetence of American military commanders and swift and decisive action by the British commander Sir Isaac Brock kept Upper Canada part of British North America Detroit was captured by the British on 6 August 1812 the Michigan Territory was held under British control until it was abandoned in 1813 the Americans won the decisive Battle of Lake Erie (10 September 1813) and forced the British to retreat from the western areas on the retreat they were intercepted at the Battle of the Thames (5 October 1813) and destroyed in a major American victory that killed Tecumseh and broke the power of Britain's Indian allies Major battles fought on territory in Upper Canada included:, No religious affiliation 2,927,790 23.1 Toronto has qualified for the CONCACAF Champions League six times and reached the finals once in 2018 Scores and results list Toronto's goal tally first Competition Round Club Home Away Aggregate, Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) English first language school board. . 4 Economy Hamilton in 50 years will be the forward cleat in a "golden horseshoe" of industrial development from Oshawa to the Niagara River . 150 miles [240 km] long and 50 miles [80 km] wide .. it will run from Niagara Falls on the south to about Oshawa on the north and take in numerous cities and towns already there including Hamilton and Toronto The speech writer who actually penned the phrase was Charles Hunter MacBain executive assistant to five Westinghouse presidents including Rogge Definition.

Salahedin Islamic School 2013 57 22 202 255 former City of North York. New City Hall Toronto 1 (8030180482).jpg Lunenburgh District later "Eastern" Transportation routes in Ontario evolved from early waterway travel and First Nations paths followed by European explorers Ontario has two major east-west routes both starting from Montreal in the neighbouring province of Quebec the northerly route which was a major fur trade route travels west from Montreal along the Ottawa River then continues northwestward towards Manitoba Major cities on or near the route include Ottawa North Bay Sudbury Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay the southerly route which was driven by growth in settlements originated by the United Empire Loyalists and later other European immigrants travels southwest from Montreal along the St Lawrence River Lake Ontario and Lake Erie before entering the United States in Michigan Major cities on or near the route include Kingston Belleville Peterborough Oshawa Toronto Mississauga Kitchener-Waterloo Hamilton London Sarnia and Windsor This route was also heavily used by immigrants to the Midwestern US particularly in the late 19th century Roads; Barrie 197,059 2.6 Subway system Al Azhar Islamic School, Designed by Frederick Cumberland using Norman and Romanesque Revival styles University College's was completed in 1859 The University of Toronto (U of T) has embraced dramatic design and monumentalism and its prominent location at the centre of the city has given its structures a wide impact Built up over almost two centuries the university's buildings cover a wide range of styles the Collegiate Gothic style was embraced for many of the earliest buildings such as Hart House Trinity College and Burwash Hall but there are also examples of almost all the Victorian revival styles on campus in recent decades the university has built examples of modernism such as McLennan Physical Laboratories; brutalism such as Robarts Library; and postmodernism such as the graduate house by Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Thom Mayne Sir Norman Foster designed the University of Toronto's Leslie L Dan Pharmacy Building which is home to the largest pharmacy faculty in Canada it was completed in 2006 The other two major universities York and Ryerson Universities have largely been built in more recent years and have fewer architectural monuments Ryerson was long mostly hidden within the downtown streetscape with the Brutalist library podium and Jorgensen Hall complex being one half block east of Yonge Street but since the 1990s an unprecedented building project has greatly expanded the campus and made it much more visible York like many of the universities that largely came into being in the 1950s and 1960s has mostly eschewed monumentalism in pursuit of less dramatic but more egalitarian architecture particularly Brutalist architecture such as the Scott Library The Ontario College of Art and Design for many years confined to a series of comparatively unprepossessing buildings in the western part of downtown was transformed in 2004 by the addition of the Will Alsop's Sharp Centre of Design it consists of a black and white speckled box suspended four storeys off the ground and supported by a series of multi-coloured pillars at different angles Museums. ; . . 1.4 Upward temperature trend The Greater Toronto Area is served by seven distinct telephone area codes Before 1993 the GTA used the 416 area code In a 1993 zone split Metropolitan Toronto retained the 416 code while the other municipalities of the Greater Toronto Area were assigned the new area code 905. This division by area code has become part of the local culture to the point where local media refer to something inside Toronto as "the 416" and outside of Toronto as "the 905" for example the Raptors 905 basketball team in the NBA G League is named after the area code the team represents Though for the most part the use of the area 905 as shorthand for the suburban areas outside Toronto city limits was correct it is not entirely true as some portions of Durham and York Regions use the 705 area code. Furthermore there are areas such as Hamilton the Regional Municipality of Niagara and Port Hope (in Northumberland County) that use the 905 area code but are not part of the GTA the unincorporated community of Acton (in Halton Hills) is the only community in the GTA that uses the 519 area code which covers most of Southwestern Ontario To meet the increased demand for phone numbers two overlay area codes were introduced in 2001 Area code 647 (supplementing the 416 area code) was introduced in March 2001 and area code 289 (supplementing the 905 area code) was introduced in July 2001. Some individuals within the 905 area code region may have to dial long distance to reach each other; although residents of Mississauga and Hamilton share the same area code (905) an individual from Toronto for example would have to dial "1" to reach Hamilton but not to reach Mississauga Ten-digit telephone dialling including the area code for local calls is required throughout the GTA in March 2013 two additional area codes were introduced to the GTA: area code 437 in Toronto and area code 365 in the area served by 905 and 289 Government. The company and its hotels and resorts have been involved in a number of philanthropic programs with a focus on supporting sustainability building communities and advancing cancer research Four Seasons was one of the founders of the Terry Fox Run in 1981, which has since grown into the world's largest single day cancer fundraiser with events around the world every September to date the Terry Fox Run has raised more than CAD 750 million In 2001 Four Seasons Resort Maldives started collaborating with the local environmental organization Seamarc/Marine savers which has set up a program of reimplantation of coral in damaged areas. Thousands of guest-sponsored "coral frames" have been transplanted in Kuda Hurra and Landaa Giraavaru resorts' reefs and are under survey by marine scientists; they constitute a refuge for thousands of tropical species and help to preserve and recover fragile ecosystems On June 19 2002 the Canadian Opera Company announced Four Seasons Hotels as the naming donor for the COC's new Opera House also home to the National Ballet of Canada the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts located in Toronto Ontario 2016 26,583.

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