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NovaJet Aviation Group - Private Jet Rentals

6965 Vanguard Drive, Mississauga L5S 1B2, Ontario, Regional Municipality of Peel, Canada

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Jet rentals have never been more convenient and affordable. Charter flights from Toronto, or anywhere in the world. Our diverse fleet offers a wide range of private jets for rent, satisfying an array of client needs. Our competitive pricing brings luxury private jet rentals and corporate jet charters easily within reach.
Feel safe when you charter a private jet with NovaJet, a company that is committed to its rich safety culture. We are Level 3 IS-BAO Registered, and one of Canada’s first ARG/US Platinum-rated companies. ARG/US and IS-BAO are third-party entities that hold operators to the highest level of international standards for safety and professionalism.
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6965 Vanguard Drive, Mississauga L5S 1B2, Ontario, Regional Municipality of Peel, Canada
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