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Fort York National Historic Site

250 Fort York Boulevard, Toronto M5V 1A9, Ontario, Toronto Division, Canada

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Preserved as a 43-acre archeological park, Fort York is where British soldiers, First Nations warriors, and Upper Canadian militiamen stood together against the United States and their mission to capture Toronto in the War of 1812. The bloody Battle of York that ensued was a dark and dramatic moment in the history of the city.

Feel the past come to life. Relive moments of the battle through an immersive multimedia experience and live demonstrations. Be inspired by the stories of unsung heroes and those who defended our city, while fighting against their own oppressions. Experience how soldiers and their families lived by tasting meals from early 19th-century recipes, prepared right in front of you over an open-fire. In 2021, Fort York will engage in the inclusion of Indigenous narratives and stories through a partnership with First Story Toronto where Indigenous guides embark on a truth-telling journey through their own lens and the site will host the ninth annual Indigenous Arts Festival.
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250 Fort York Boulevard, Toronto M5V 1A9, Ontario, Toronto Division, Canada
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